About 30 to 40 minutes away from Bocas Town is the beautiful location of Loma Partida, a place perfect for those wanting to be away from the hustle and bustle yet have some great neighbors and a killer ocean views. You can snorkel right off your dock.

Lots of boaters have property around this location due its safe protected location. Being an inside island, it’s very calm waters and safe for mooring.

Everything here is off the grid. You’d have to use solar as it and all of the land in Loma Partida is off the grid and boat access only. There is a new resort very close in the same area but across on the mainland.

Overall, there is a slow growing expat community on all of these islands.But it is still a Nature getaway with clean water, coral reefs for snorkeling and swimming and it’s very quiet. However, there are restaurants popping up here and there throughout the outer islands so there are spots to go for social interaction.

Interested in this beautiful location? Here are three properties that you need to check out in Bocas del Toro’s nature getaway: Loma Partida.

Coastal Off Grid Home


2012 new built home, coastal, ocean front home on an Island 30 to 40 minutes from the main town of Bocas, access only by boat and completely, sufficiently off grid. 4 bedroom, 2 bath,2094 Sq. Ft, upper level 896 sq. ft. plus 384 sq. ft. deck,lower level 528 sq. ft. plus 286 sq. ft. porch, fruit trees papaya, plantain, banana, avocado, cacao, 2400 gal water catchment, 2 tanks, dock, dock is 150 ft. and water at the end of the dock is 6 ft., solar is 6, 205 watt panels, 12 Trojan 6V batteries, outback charge controller, bodega plumbed for laundry, septic system and a great grocery store nearby

4.40 You really need to check this place out. See more here.

Elevated Building Site on Split Hill


There are no buildings on the property. However, it is clean and clear the first 3rd of the property and built a 100 foot dock which is sufficient to put several boats and crosses the tide area. The owner states: I also planted palms and flowers throughout this area. The cleaned area reaches a solid wall of jungle up above but that could be slowly opened and explored. There is a small hill in front where I was planning to build a restaurant. Behind it is a larger hill where the cleared area is and there is room for probably 6 or 7 cabins. It’s very beautiful with views of the mangrove islands and the mainland in front. And up above this solid jungle piece, there is rolling meadow land. With incredible view of the islands. That part would be suitable for farming, planting fruit trees, grazing horses, a ton of things. At the moment it can be reached by walking up the property line following the creek. It also makes a perfect getaway spot for busy people from Bocas town. The fresh water creek runs down the property line on the right side if you are looking from the ocean to the land. And it crosses behind that first hill. Which is perfect if you are building a resort because you could have the restaurant separated from the lodging with a pretty bridge. Better privacy for guests. Building materials can be ordered from Robalo on the mainland where there is a lumber mill and they can easily drop off your order.

Sounds like paradise? See more here.

Build Your Dream Vacation Home


Beautiful waterfront building site 1.6 hectares (3.95 acres) ROP with great deep water boat access and good elevation for building your dream vacation home. Nice neighbors and a grocery store nearby. Only 30-40 minutes from Bocas Town. off grid, beautiful quiet area

This super affordable property is less than $80,000. See more here.