The coronavirus has changed the way we travel, at least in the next few years. Future travelers are going to be seeking different types of vacations, mainly in rural areas as opposed to large city destinations.

Bocas del Toro is a great place to visit since this destination is rural, small, offering more opened up accommodations and small hotels, family run bed and breakfasts, and beachfront Airbnb style vacation rentals.

People are going to want privacy and a destination where families, couples, or even single travelers can do their own thing without all the crowd. Destinations that are open like beaches, islands, and mountain areas are going to do a lot better in the near future as opposed to larger, congested cities.

Travelers are going to be choosing smaller more private accommodations as well. Resort chains and large hotels are going to have problems in the near future, but smaller accommodations will do better as people seek more private, secluded experiences.

If there is one thing we have in Bocas del Toro that is a variety of beautiful beachfront villas, over-the-sea Caribbean style homes, and small hotels that have great locations offering a unique experience.

Today I have come up with 3 different turnkey properties that we believe could thrive post Covid-19 in Bocas del Toro, Panama. All three properties offer unique locations, experiences that can be enjoyed without the crowds, and most importantly available for sale.

Oceanfront Villa Isla Carenero, Bocas del Toro

Beachfront Luxury Villa: 6 Bedroom Villa Facing the Ocean with Open Concept


Directly facing the Caribbean Sea, this wonderful 6 bedroom villa offers the luxury and open space you are looking for if you want to offer a high end experience with a unique location. Surfing is located only steps from this location, as well as snorkeling, kayaking and hiking spots. Your guests will enjoy an open villa with windows facing directly to the ocean offering non-stop breeze as well a wide range of activities available close to this villa.

This beachfront luxury villa is 5,000 sq.ft includes six master bedrooms each with a private terrace, king-sized bed and in-suite baths. With the additional loft bedroom, it can accommodate a total of 16+ guests. The lodge is serviced with town water, electricity, hard line phone, & cable with high speed internet.

The property has clear titled deeds registered in the Panamanian registry office. This villa is known currently as Vista Azul Lodge and has been passively operating as a vacation rental for the past ten years with a $100,000+ annual income with only a portion of the year rented out.

See more details about this luxury oceanfront villa for sale on Isla Carenero, Bocas del Toro here.

Beachfront Bungalow for sale on Isla Carenero

Beautiful Beachfront Bungalows For Sale on Isla Carenero


Bocas del Toro is a vibrant growing community of expats and locals, and its evident when you look around. If you have ever dreamed of owning beachfront bungalows then look no further…

These amazing oceanfront bungalows have a 400 feet of beach frontage and a total of 7 acres of ROP land. These turnkey bungalows are fully operational with consistent bookings. Located on the Eastern shore of Isla Carenero, this beachfront property has a combination of cabins, suites and bungalows made of local woods by local skilled craftsmen. This property has a total of 9 rooms, and is only 2 minutes from Bocas Town by way of water taxi. Imagine the possibility to be on a property with such a unique location like this one where you can enjoy a beach with little people, but if you want to go check out the nightlife of Bocas Town you can hop on a boat and get there in only a couple of minutes! 

With fantastic views of Solarte, Bastimentos, and the sunsets over the mountains on the mainland this property has an on site surf school that has personal instruction at a very popular surf break just down the beach from the property. Also located here is the famous Bibis Restaurant that is currently under a long term lease. The owners are running this property remotely, and profits could increase substantially with on-site operation. There is room on the property for expansion of up to 4 more units or a 4-plex.

See more about this beachfront property for sale on Isla Carenero here.


Beachfront Surf Bed and Breakfast Bocas del Toro

Colorful Small Eco-Lodge Directly In Front of Epic Surf

If you are interested in owning a beautiful eco-lodge perched on a hill overlooking a lovely beach with epic surf look no further.

This oceanfront, titled eco surf lodge is located only steps from Bluff Beach on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro. Nestled on a hillside facing the ocean in the popular Bluff beach area, the main lodge has 7 rental rooms,  staff rooms and a manager apartment plus a kitchen/restaurant area, and multiple terraces wrapping around the closed in areas offering plenty of ocean breeze. It also includes 3 ocean-facing casitas and a garage or bodega as we call them here. The quaint paths lead to and from each place. All this is on a lot size just under 3000 meters with plenty of oceanfront and a narrow beach below. They stay very full during high season and even have a decent occupancy in the low season due to the modest prices, great location for surfers and cool vibes. If you see privacy, open design full of ocean breeze, tons of activities available on site or near this is what you have been looking for.

For more details on this titled eco surf lodge for sale click here.