Discover the Serenity of Shoreline Living

Step into a world where the gentle Caribbean Sea kisses the shores of Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro. Our handpicked selection of beachfront homes offers a unique blend of tranquility and elegance. Each of these six stunning residences is a testament to the serene lifestyle that awaits by the sea. Wake up to the soothing sound of the waves and bask in the tropical opulence that each property provides. Whether you’re in search of a peaceful haven or a wise investment, our collection is the epitome of coastal luxury and comfort.

Beachfront Elegance on Bastimentos Island

First House: A Beachfront Haven in Bastimentos

Beachfront Home For Sale, Bastimentos, Bocas Del Toro (

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Overview: Discover your paradise with this 3-story beachfront home in Isla Bastimentos. It’s made with local Caribbean hardwood. This home is a peaceful retreat. It offers a cozy living space and a chance to own beachfront property.

Location: The home is about 40 minutes by boat from Bocas Town. It sits on a ~900 m2 lot by the sea. It’s close to the clear Caribbean waters and the Zapatilla Islands. Red Frog Beach and its restaurants are just 20 minutes away by boat.


  • First Level: Here, you’ll find a studio apartment. It’s perfect for a caretaker. There’s also a bodega. It holds the solar and rain-catchment systems for sustainable living.
  • Second Level: Climb the stairs to a large veranda with sea views. This floor has a big kitchen, a living area set for meditation, a bedroom, and an outdoor bathroom with jungle views.
  • Top Level: The mezzanine has another veranda with caribbean sea views. There are two more bedrooms and a bathroom here.


  • Dock & Beach: The property includes a dock. It gives you direct access to the beach and sea.
  • Local Food: Local fishermen can deliver fresh seafood right to your door.
  • Village Life: A 10-minute walk takes you to the village. There, you can shop and start hikes to famous beaches like Long Beach.

Staff & Income:

  • Reliable Staff: A family has cared for the home for over 15 years. They are devoted and trustworthy.
  • Rental Income: The home is on Airbnb and VRBO. It makes about $70,000 a year. A team is there to help with rentals.

Takeaway: This home is a rare chance to enjoy island life with modern comforts. Contact us to see this amazing property on Bastimentos Island.

Price: $795,000


Second House: Salt Creek’s Beachfront Masterpiece

Beachfront Home On Titled Land, Isla Bastimentos, Panama (

beachfront home in panama

Overview: Welcome to your dream home in Salt Creek, Bastimentos. This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom sanctuary is perched on a generous 7000 m2 of titled land. It boasts 52 meters of sandy beachfront along the serene Caribbean Sea.

Location: Just a 45-minute boat ride from Bocas Del Toro, this home offers privacy and seclusion. With no neighbors to one side, and the option to purchase an additional 130 meters of beachfront land, the possibilities for expansion are endless.


  • Elevated Living: The living area is strategically located on the second floor to maximize the stunning sea views. The spacious living room is a haven for relaxation, and the large kitchen is a chef’s delight.
  • Veranda Vistas: The expansive veranda is the perfect spot to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Caribbean Sea.

Potential for Personalization:

  • Solid Foundation: The home is sturdy and awaits your personal touch. Renovations can transform it into the beachfront haven of your dreams.
  • Future Enhancements: Plans include a sea wall to prevent flooding, a new roof, and a solar system to ensure sustainable living.

Storage & Accessibility:

  • Ample Storage: The ground level features a large storage room for all your beach and water sport gear.
  • Boat Accessibility: Year-round boat access ensures you’re always connected to adventure.

Your Tropical Oasis Awaits: This property isn’t just a house; it’s a lifestyle. It’s an invitation to live in harmony with the Caribbean Sea. Create your tropical oasis on this solid foundation. Your paradise awaits!

Price: $399,000



Third House: Salt Creek Beachfront Gem

Beachfront Home For Sale, Salt Creek, Bocas Del Toro (

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Overview: Find your escape in Salt Creek, Bastimentos. This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home stands on over 440 m2 of titled land. It’s a 45-minute boat ride from Bocas Del Toro. The house promises a premium coastal living experience.

Location: This secluded property offers direct access to a white sand beach. It’s within the Azul Paradise Boutique Hotel’s area.


  • Approach: A long stairwell leads to the home’s heart. The second and third levels are designed for comfort.
  • Second Level: A wrap-around veranda provides sea views. Inside, an open living room and kitchen await. Two bedrooms share a bathroom.
  • Third Level: An interior staircase takes you up. A loft with a large window overlooks the sea. It’s a double bedroom. The master bedroom has an ensuite bath.


  • Improvements Needed: The house needs a new roof and a solar system. It’s ready for some care and updates.
  • Lifestyle: This isn’t just a house; it’s a way of life. It offers a chance for serene coastal living.

Embrace the Opportunity: This beachfront home is a unique find. It’s perfect for those looking to create lasting memories by the sea. Don’t wait to claim this piece of paradise as your own.

Price: $350,000


Fourth House: Salt Creek’s White Sand Beachfront Villa

White Sand Caribbean Beach House, Bocas Del Toro, Panama (

Overview: Escape to this turn-key villa in Salt Creek, a 40-minute boat ride from Bocas Town. With a lagoon at the front and the Caribbean Sea steps away, this home offers a second-row seat to paradise.

Location: The villa is nestled between a lagoon and the lush jungle, with the Zapatillas Islands in view. It’s a tranquil setting that’s both remote and accessible.


  • Space to Grow: The property includes a ~460 m2 lot and two adjacent lots, totaling ~1,390 m2.
  • Three-Story Elegance: This residence combines elegance, comfort, and modernity. The second level features a wrap-around veranda that extends the living space.


  • Bright and Airy: The first level greets you with an open living room and kitchen. Louver doors and large windows ensure a bright atmosphere.
  • Bedrooms and Baths: There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed and an ensuite bathroom. Two more bedrooms offer queen-sized beds, one with an ensuite bathroom.


  • Off-Grid Ready: The home boasts a large cistern, 16 solar panels, and 12 Trojan batteries. It’s equipped with a Go Green septic system, making it an exemplary off-grid setup.

Your Beachfront Dream: This villa is a gem on Salt Creek’s white sand beach. It’s ready for you to move in and enjoy the modern comforts of an off-grid home. Contact us for a private showing and take the first step towards your dream beach life.

Price: $325,000


Fifth House: Salt Creek’s Beachfront Potential

Beachfront Home, Salt Creek, Bastimentos, Bocas Del Toro (

Overview: In Salt Creek, Bastimentos, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home awaits your vision. It’s a boat-accessible property that needs some work. But, it’s a canvas ready for transformation.

Location: The home is in the heart of Salt Creek. It sits on 450 m2 of land. It’s near Azul Paradise Boutique Hotel, adding to its charm.


  • Solid Base: The house has a sturdy cement foundation. It’s ready for renovations.
  • Work Needed: A new roof, solar system, and ceiling repairs are needed. It’s a chance to add your touch.

Lifestyle Investment:

  • Exclusive Access: A 45-minute boat ride from Bocas Del Toro takes you to this secluded spot.
  • Resort Ambiance: The property is close to a white sand beach. It’s part of the Azul Paradise Boutique Hotel area.

Seize the Day: This home is an opportunity for a coastal retreat. It’s perfect for a permanent residence or a rental. Don’t miss out on this chance for a piece of paradise.

Price: $250,000


Sixth House: Surfer’s Secluded Retreat in Bocas del Toro

Surfer’s Dream Cabin, Bocas Del Toro Panama (

Overview: Discover this surfer’s paradise on Isla Bastimentos. A secluded beach cabin offers a private surf spot. It’s ideal for those seeking a connection with nature.

Location: Located near Salt Creek and the National Park, the area is known for sandy beaches and lush jungle. It’s private, perfect for surfers and fishermen.


  • Access Options: Arrive by boat, with beachfront parking or a mooring buoy. Alternatively, use a jungle trail from the leeward side.
  • Rental Income: The cabin earns about 2K per month in the busy season. Additional income comes from services and excursions managed by a local named Bumba.

Cabin Details:

  • Off-Grid Living: Includes a master bedroom, bathroom, and a spacious kitchen-living area. It’s built from native wood.
  • Stunning Views: The terrace offers views of the pristine beach.

Your Private Escape: This cabin is an affordable getaway from the modern world. It’s a chance to own a piece of Bocas del Toro’s sought-after paradise.

Price: $142,000


Embrace the Coastal Dream: Your Guide to Bocas del Toro’s Finest Beachfront Homes

As we reach the end of our showcase, it’s clear that each of these six properties offers a unique slice of paradise. From the tranquil retreats nestled in the lush landscapes of Bastimentos to the surfer’s secluded cabin with its private waves, Bocas del Toro presents a diverse array of beachfront living options.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of a turn-key villa, the potential of a customizable beachfront home, or the adventure of a surfer’s hideaway, these homes promise more than just a living space—they offer a lifestyle. A lifestyle where the gentle Caribbean Sea is your backyard, where the sunsets paint new masterpieces every evening, and where the rhythm of island life is not just a dream but a daily reality.

For those seeking a permanent residence, a vacation getaway, or a savvy investment opportunity, the properties in Salt Creek stand out as gems waiting to be discovered. With their proximity to Azul Paradise Boutique Hotel and the natural beauty of Isla Bastimentos National Park, these homes are not just structures; they’re gateways to experiences, memories, and a life redefined by the beauty of Bocas del Toro.

As you consider which of these beachfront homes resonates with your vision of coastal living, remember that each offers a chance to create your own narrative—a narrative as boundless as the sea itself. Contact United Country Bocas to explore these properties further and take the first step towards your beachfront dream in Bocas del Toro.

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