Moving to Panama, especially an area as beautiful as Bocas del Toro, is a big move to make. With a rich culture, friendly people and enough outdoor adventures, you will need a lifetime to get through them all. It is no wonder you’re excited about the move. With all that Panama offers you, you can ensure yourself that you’re making the right move. The weather and multiple visa programs are what brings many people to the area. Sometimes the changes are too great and some folks leave. You can make Panama your home and enjoy all that comes with it, if you have the right attitude.

This Beautiful Area Opened to You

Everyone loves the mild weather, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and the chance to spend time in nature. When you get out of the rat race and slow down it feels pretty good. Choose apartments in Panama City, a home or condo with an ocean view, a house over the sea in the Caribbean or maybe a farm in the high country is your dream. There is a little something for everyone that chooses to make this beautiful, lush country their home.

Moving All Your Items

When you decide to move to Panama, you of course will most likely want to bring all your important items with you for the move. This can be done with a reputable company that does the shipping for you. They provide you with a way to choose between container or RORO shipping. Container shipping costs a bit more, but ensures that your items are packed neatly away inside a storage container when being shipped.

Additionally, the costs for shipping these items can range anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000. This does not cover the taxes that would be charged on vehicles that are being transported and the tax amount can be anywhere from 25-30% of the value of the vehicle unless it is after you obtain residency.

To ensure that you are fully prepared to have your property shipped, you will need to have these documents ready when you are preparing to have property moved to Panama:

  • Passport for Personal Identification
  • Declaration of Goods
  • Title, Insurance and Other Information for Vehicles
  • Other Paperwork Stating the Value of the Vehicle

It is highly recommended that you always use a professional company when moving your items from one place to another. This is the company that is going to be there to help you throughout the entire shipping process. You need to be able to trust them with your items, since they’re going to pack them up and ship them over. You meet them at the terminal to obtain the items you had shipped.

When it comes to moving to Panama, you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of the country. Spend your days lying on the beach, looking out to the mountains, walking through the markets with vibrant, colorful items, pursuing that hobby you have always wanted to, having coffee and other activities with new friends, or volunteering and just enjoy the relaxed life that you have chosen. The expats who have moved to the area love everything about slowing down and enjoying life in Panama.