For years I have been going to the same lady to get my hair cut and highlighted.  She knew what to do and I didn’t have to worry about her screwing up my hair.

Now that I live in Panama I had to find a new person to do haircuts and color.  My first thought was to ask everyone I know who they recommend.  But when I did that I got mostly recommendations for people who would come to my house or I could go to theirs.  Not very professional but it was cheap… only $30 for a haircut and highlights.

So, PLAN B was to spot people with good haircuts and highlights and ask where they got their hair done.  The same name came up over and over again so I made an appointment at a Salon in downtown Bocas.  They have several stylists and all the regular equipment you’d expect to see in a salon.  But still, it’s a little scary going to a new person.

Since I don’t speak Spanish very well YET, I wrote out exactly what I wanted done then put in in Google Translate so I could give it to them in Spanish.   They read my printout then said, in perfect English,” so you want highlights, lowlights, and a haircut.  How much would you like trimmed off?”

The costs for a shampoo, haircut, highlights, low lights was $50.  I also got a manicure and pedicure for an additional $13.  And.. they did a GREAT JOB!

The same thing would have cost $150 – $200 in Colorado

Yes, you really can live for less in Panama and still find quality professionals IF you do your due diligence.