A friend of mine was talking about this subject and I resonated with it so strongly that I had to write some of the ideas down to share with you.

You know as well as I do that we are living in a radically different world today than when we were young. Right now, you are sitting in front of a computer monitor reading this web page. That’s something that you and I never thought of doing twenty years ago, even ten for most of us. Yes, there are many serious problems facing this planet today, but there are also some positive developments. Among them are our greatly increased ability to travel and communicate over great distances quickly. In addition, it’s extremely important to realize that many nations we thought of as poor, unstable, and dangerous in the past are no longer. The media continues to focus on any nation in trouble, but they have far less interest in those where things have greatly improved. As a result, we can be fooled into thinking that there is nowhere decent to live outside our group of “wealthy” nations. That is simply not true.

One of the nations that has done extremely well in recent years is Panama. Once home to the infamous dictator, Manuel Noriega, Panama is now a thriving democracy with a strong economy and a bright future. Best of all, Panama welcomes retirees from other nations and provides them with a long list of incentives to consider moving and living in Panama.

I can give Panama the greatest “reference” available to me. My husband and I moved there ourselves. If you revisit my blog over time, you will “move” with me and get a taste of what this means.

This is a new blog that I am working on in my spare time. I will be putting up a number of additional pages in the days and weeks to come describing everything from health care to housing to the cost of groceries in Panama. These are all my opinion, of course, from my experiences living here.

There’s Three Great Benefits I see and probably any more.

  • You can live very comfortably in Panama on a much reduced income that would never meet your needs in your home country.
  • You will greatly reduce, perhaps eliminate, any burden you might be on your society and your children by not requiring their financial support.
  • You will promote “international understanding” by the simplest, most effective means possible. You will bring income to Panama, employ Panamanians who need jobs, and be living “ambassadors” for the decent people you are and those you love who remain at home. And, it may not be pleasant to say, but you will remove yourself from the primary targets of terrorists and Big Brother.

Here’s the wonderful part of this retirement alternative. Everyone wins and nobody loses. You gain a comfortable life in a friendly nation with a wonderful climate and ecology. Your family and your society benefit by not having to worry about you and how to support you in your old age. Panama benefits as well. Retirees are the best immigrants. They bring all sorts of benefits without burdening a developing economy. On the contrary, the Panamanian economy benefits greatly and the package of retirement incentives they provide to people like us as mentioned in my Free Guide is testimony to their understanding of this.

40 years working and exploring in many nations and I’ve finally found the place where I want to spend my “late middle age”. This blog is dedicated to sharing that discovery with you.

Let me finish this section with a simple statement. You may have been surprised to find me talking specifically about Panama.  The whole idea of picking up and moving to another nation may seem “extreme”. Twenty or thirty years ago, it was, but it’s time for you to get up-to-date. You owe it to yourself and to those you love and care about to give this modern form of retirement serious consideration. You have nothing to lose and everyone has so much to gain!