One of best things about living in Bocas is the fresh fish and the fresh fruits and vegetables.

We have a local fisherman here who comes around when he has fish to sell. Sometimes he has lobster and crab, sometimes other fish. Whatever he has in the net that day, it is $20. He might have 10 lobsters one day, or 5 lobsters and 2 crabs, or 6 fish and 7 lobsters and 5 crabs; it’s different all the time. The only thing that remains the same is the $20. If you try to bargain and want only 2 fish, its $20. If you just want l lobster, it is still $20. If you want just the fish, its still $20. See what I mean? We always end up buying the whole net for- you guessed it- $20.

Coming back from the vegetable stand on my bicycle, where I had gone to get some limes and they had none, I noticed a truck parked in front of the Chinese store full of citrus. I stopped and asked: “tiene limones?” Do you have any limes? I couldn’t see any but he proceeded to pull out a large bag of about huge 20 limes. Before I could get my hand in the bag to pick a few, he hands me the entire bag and says $2.00.  I quickly looked in my purse to get the money and found that I had only $1.35. I show him what I have and he nods his head and hands me the bag. He’ll take it. WOW! Amazed I go home and make limeade and still have enough left over for the fish and vegetables I am making for dinner.